We know that it’s frustrating to sit at home without much mobility. However, this is the best time for introspections & learning process for human beings. You can pick up a new topic for studies and do some research on it. Spend some time discussing the topic with your peer groups online. It might shed some light on the new areas that you may have missed to notice all these time. You can plan a better future with less stressful initiatives that can yield more results. This blog is for those who may have not thought of nature as an escape while they had spent most of their weekends at the city. You will find this blog as a relevant reading material once the war on Covid-19 is fought and won. As you plan your future getaways in India its worthwhile to spend time researching your nearby awesome places to explore in Karnataka.

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The number of homestays in Sakleshpur has increased on a yearly basis. The quality of stays also differs from each other and it’s not about nice photos in the display. There are other elements involved for an overall good feeling about holidaying in Saklehspur. Since its inception Travel Malnad has been providing only the best stays with best hosts for our guests. The intent of awesome nature holiday experience is achieved when all stake holders are on the same page. Knowing these facts completely, our founders have been striving on keeping the site up to date with the best services of our hosts. Be it a small family or a huge corporate group, we have tailor made homestays packages for your comfortable holiday.

The homestays of Sakleshpura on our portal are spread out towards best sightseeing places. Each traveller will have a unique idea of holidaying, we have upgraded our service assessing our guests’ feedback over several years. There are no loopholes in the services today that when I guest arrives at homestay booked by TravelMalnad till they leave everything is tracked. We know your requirements better than any service provider out there as we have worked with clients from all over the globe. If there were any lapses in the services offered by our hosts intentionally, all those bookings are refunded without any hassles and the hosts are put stringent scrutiny immediately. By doing this filtering job thoroughly we are today at a better position to offer our confidently to all our guests. Many large organizations have been booking our stays for their corporate clients and have expressed positive feeling of holidaying with Travel Malnad Stays. Plan your future holidays with us and save your valuable time and money.


PLEASE NOTE: Stay at Home and Stay Safe from Covid-19 till the lockdown. Even after the lockdown we request you to maintain social distancing while you are out of home. We can win this battle together.