Homestays in Chikmagalur – Weekend Getaway

We often need a break from work life and a nice place as a retreat from the city lifestyle. Those who are busy working round the clock schedule can opt to visit Chikmagalur and seek relaxation to mind and soul. This mesmerizing destination is a manifestation of splendid beauty of Malnad region in Karnataka. The meaning of Malnad means the land of forests. So, when you are in chikmagalur you are amidst the green woods, plantations, valleys, forest, you name it anything, it’s there!!!

To feel the ethnicity of any place you are visiting, always choose to stay in a homestay. You have a large number of homestay in Chikmagalur that are spread in different directions. All these homestays are located in the abundant green terrains of Chikmagalur district. To locate the best homestays you can shop online at Travel Malnad. This portal is an exclusive travel portal catering to the entire malnad region in Karnataka.

Homestays in Chikmagalur are well known in the lengths and breadths of India. People from different states visit Karnataka every year for rejuvenation and adventure, they often choose Chikmagalur as the destination since it has blend of both. The booking facility is available online and will be useful who are booking from any part of the country. The reservation process can completed sparing a few minutes online. Chikmagalur is waiting for you

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