Karnataka is a blend of destinations that are well known for IT, History, Heritage, Rejuvenation, Adventure‚Ķ Those who want to experience a real holiday can visit Karnataka in the southern par t of India. There are many places that are well known as well unexplored by the travelers of India. You can feel the enchanting beauty of Mother Nature by visiting Karnataka, popularly promoted by the KSTDC as “One state and Many worlds”. This region in India has its own history as well archetype of monuments that are constructed by Kings in the ancient period.

Whether you are planning for a weekend getaway from the nearby state when there is a long weekend off or you are planning for a major holiday and spend more days, then the packages are tailored as per your requirements. Homestays in Karnataka are gaining popularity these days as the caterers of ethnic and typical lifestyle and food habits to the visitors. However, the real concept of homestay is accepting you as guests and treating as family members. This is where you will mingle with the host family and understand the heritage and lifestyle.

There are many resorts in Karnataka with the regular and star category in most of the destinations where you are planning to visit. These are located amidst the nature and give you a full experience of indulging in activities that can keep you closer to nature. Resorts in Karnataka can cater for a bigger number of group as well as variety in food menu that you would be looking to relish. You can visit Karnataka in all seasons and each season has its own splendid beauty in different destination. Speak to us and plan your itinerary as per your individual requirement.