Nature is the best healing therapy for those who are stressed and busy working round the clock. Taking a break from work and visiting Nature for rejuvenation can be most welcome subject for most professionals. Have you been to Coorg for a holoday or weekend getaway? If the answer is yes or no, the solace that is experienced by travelers to their mind and body makes them visit repeatedly to Coorg, one of the best hill stations in South India.

There were times when only hotels dominated the tourism industry in Coorg, and most travelers had no option but stay in a hotel. Now the facilities in Coorg have improved for travelers and there are homestay and resorts across Coorg for one to stay and enjoy nature. The homestays in Coorg share a most exclusive service arena in the hospitality industry. The host families who will make sure that their guests are relishing the best coorg cuisine along with a pinch of introducing them to the lifestyle and culture of Kodagu.

The concept of homestay is a unique development in the tourism industry. The tourists from any part of the globe can experience being really in Kodagu by staying in a homestay. The activities at the homestay in coorg can be trekking, village tour, plantation walk, bird watching, fishing, swimming pool (luxury homestays)… The estate homestays in Coorg give a vivid display of nature to the guests and a better valley or hill station experience. Choose a homestay and take the booking at Travel Malnad prior to your visit and enjoy the holiday.