The minimum time taken for driving from Bangalore to Sakleshpur was one of the key factors which made us feel. Wow!! We are very close to greenery. Malnad, the beauty of nature in the area at Saklehspur is breathtaking. The green pastures, coffee and areca gardens, mountains, water stream, water falls, misty mornings…. What not. The team of photographers from Bangalore traveled to this mesmerizing holiday destination and touched by the grandeur of Mother Nature.

Since we were a group of youngsters, we also wanted to trek, do some fishing, go to hill tops… and we did all that. Thanks to our holiday planner made with the assistance of travel malnad team. These guys know the traveler by pulse and recommend the best that can best suit the type of holiday one is undertaking. There are many places to stay and we chose to stay at a homestay in Sakleshpur tucked in a locale with a beautiful backdrop of hills.

Sakleshpura, we heard that it has the history where our ancestors used to do a lot of trade, specially spices. Which is carried forward by their younger generations and even today you have spices mandis in the area. The freshness of the air tickled our lungs and made us fully recharged for a long life. When we arrived in Bangalore we from the bottom of our hearts felt the real beauty of the nature and the effect it can have on you. Stay at a resort in sakleshpur and spend your holiday in nature with a style. Contact 09480595888 for further information about sakleshpur holiday packages.