We are a group of likeminded people from the IT town Bangalore. Our intentions are the same when it comes to Holiday. We need places to explore traditions to see and festivals to witness. One of the teammate with us had heard a lot of news about coorg Holiday packages. The narration he gave us about this tiny district head quarters in Karnataka made us feel Goosebumps. The thrilling experience he had learnt from his friends inclined us to make up our minds to explore this part of Karnataka.

We all were sitting in a coffee shop in the busy street of Bangalore. My friend Kumar told me, “hey buddy Christmas is around lets plan for a trip to Coorg”. All of us were immediately started to the planner and ideas from all corners. First it was decided to take our bikes and feel the chill breeze in the valleys of Coorg. Then my friend Kumar’s intentions were reveled, he wanted to pull his brand new Scorpio. Alas! We all agreed to go in his Scorpio and one more car to fit all the members.

This was an exciting holiday planner for us because most of us are born and brought up in Northern India. Exploring Karnataka has always been one of the favorite ideas among us. The first and foremost concern for us was to search for a decent accommodation and we need a recommended place where we can really enjoy our holiday. We got online and came across Travel Malnad Team who effective designed our holiday planner and eased all our anxieties.

We paid a decent price and got the best place for our holiday in Coorg. Once the itinerary is finalized we started to pin point some of the unconventional tourist spots. For this task also our holiday planners helped us get in touch with the local people. We stayed at a homestay in Coorg, which is a beautiful place in itself and offered us solace and serenity. We spent around 8 days exploring Coorg and we stayed at two different homestays recommended by our holiday planner. The whole experience was made more memorable with the warm hospitality extended by our host families at the homestays.