Driving amidst greenery can be a very soothing experience for a lot of travelers. Those who are living in the cities definitely appreciate a nice drive amidst a plantation or mountainous terrains. That too if these beautiful holiday hotspots are at a short distance from your city then it’s like a blessing in disguise. You can take a quick weekend break and travel to Malnad in Karnataka to experience this driving pleasure by staying in a homestay in the middle of coffee estate / plantation or forest area.


The region is full of wonderful places and is called as a paradise for nature lovers. Malnad offers several places for your bucket list. You would be an adventurer or a nature lover or just want to laze during your holiday, there are several options for your memorable trip experience. If you are a person who would love to take a green route in Karnataka as you’re driving or thinking of road trip destination then it is “The Malnad”.  The more you drive around the region you will discover more falls, more rivulets, more mountains and feel more fun.

You do not have any replace for a destination like Malnad. When you think of greenery, adventure, trekking, hiking, camping, homestays, waterfalls, mountains, hill stations, family holidays… its one place called Malnad for you. It is at a very short and comfortable drive distance from Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad… Wherever you are, whichever the company you are working for; if you are travelling as a team or group then TravelMaland has group/corporate discount price on all your bookings. We have created this campaign to encourage team building activities for corporate amidst the greenery in Karnataka.

The places in Malnad region can be categorized as adventure, pilgrimage, offbeat, rejuvenation, nature study… and you can choose any genre and customize it as per your requirement. The stays that we are partnered are the best in Karnataka and offer the authentic hospitality experience for the visitors. You can try the local cuisine, lifestyle by paying an affordable tariff. We have plantation stays, estate homestays, forest stays and adventure camps for your luxurious accommodation. At all the places, nowhere the basic amenities are compromised. You will be welcomed with clean and hygienic rooms and bathrooms wherever you travel with TravelMalnad.

Malnad is a relevant holiday destination for any season in a year. Every season is flamboyant on its own and you will love your trip each time you visit. There are few places for shopping and buying handlooms/khadi, you can ask us in advance if you are interested to add it to your itinerary while planning your holiday. Take the green route of Karnataka by simply taking a free quote online for your dream trip at www.travelmalnad.com ! plan your trip now and have a memorable vacation.