Malnad region in Karnataka is one of the most fertile lands in South India. If you are a person who loves to do agriculture, then you must do it in Malnad. The region is one of the top places in South India for growing Coffee, Tea, Arecanut, Pepper, and other spices. Fruits grown in the Malnad region are unique in their taste. Some of the fruits grown in the Malnad region are Papaya, Jackfruit, Rambutan, Litchi, Orange, Mango, Banana, Pear, Guava, etc. There are a lot of other fruits that grow in the forest which you get to see only during their season.

Organic farming is one of the traditional formats of agricultural methods used in the Malnad region. Our ancestors in the Malnad region never knew about chemical fertilizers, hence organic farming was the only format they used in their farmlands. The fruits usually grown in organic farming will be highly nutritious compared to the ones grown using chemical fertilizers. Yes, there are different theories created by different research centers and they might argue about the quantity of production. But the fundamental reason for eating fruits is to get maximum nutrition out of it. If that is achieved through organic farming with a percentage of crop loss will be still a positive thing for human health.

Rambutan is one of the fruits from a foreign country that grows very well in the Malnad climate. I think you can generate high yield even using minimum space. The markets are a little volatile though, for fruits grown in the Malnad region. One has to look for middlemen to ship it to bigger cities with a more urban population who would buy these fruits. The ruling state and center governments can come together in eliminating a lot of costs burdening factors in this fruit cultivation journey. Only then, farmers will think of going quality way than focusing on the quantity yield of their crops in the farmlands.

The fast-paced lifestyle of people in cities is such that they hardly notice the difference between the organically produced and chemical products. Even the fruit vendors play a crucial role in marketing organic fruits. We all must take collective responsibility in bringing changes in the whole process. At least I see our future generation is more aware than what we are. They seem more inclined to using organic products than what’s sold for them with a certain color standard at a lesser price. Everything would take time to evolve, we have to keep educating people around us about the benefits of eating organic fruits or for that matter any food item. You can help yourself with good health and also the health of your family.