The traveler of today wishes to explore new places and indulge new cultures and traditions. One of the unique destinations in Karnataka is Malnad region. There is a wide range of options for travelers to choose while visiting Malnad. Over the years the accommodation facilities have been improvised and quality service rendered to the travelers. One of the popular concepts in Karnataka is the Estate Homestays in Malnad region.

Estate Homestays in Karnataka caters a very unique and special holiday experience for the travelers from across the globe. These homestays are located amidst coffee, tea or Areca estates and offers pleasant and beautiful view for the travelers staying there. The homestay concept is a little varying as opposed to the resorts. In homestays, the host family will take care of the food and accommodation facility for the travelers.

Travelers will find Estate homestays of Karnataka a unique opportunity to understand the nuances of culture and tradition of the locality. The cuisines served for the guests in these esteemed homestays are always typical and helps travelers to have a glimpse on the food habits of the he local. The best way to shop for Estate Homestays in Karnataka is going online. Travelers can choose the right accommodation that suits their budget and other requirements.