Holidaying is a personal experience and many of us who are living in this current tech savvy world come across lot of options for exploring places. The most important factor to determine the quality of any destination is their accommodations and facilities and ease finding information for room reservations. We appreciated the services offered by TravelMalnad in offering the best in class holiday experience at a homestay in Malnad Region. The skepticism on the hospitality offered by homestays is wiped out the moment we landed on the website. We were taken aback with the kind of facilities available at their home stays and the ease of doing a reservation online.

Our trip was planned to Chikmagalur and hence the journey with Team TravelMalnad began with a positive note. These guys are a cut above the rest and the homestays listed on the site are extremely good. When inquired about the process we came to know how the cherry picking of holiday planners are made. The team travels in the trails of these places and figures out which are the homestays who offer top notch hospitality services with professional hosts. Later once they are back in office they connect with all their registered users and give a hint on the exploration.

Thus we also came across this fantastic service provider from our colleague who is a regular visitor to Malnad homestays. Frankly speaking, the name Malnad itself was new to us and slowly we opened up to the beauty of its natural resources with the awesome doorway called TravelMalnad. What more could be demanded in a holiday? Good accommodation, tasty food, nice host, adventure activities, campfire in the evening, barbecue, dance & music… It was beyond our expectations and we thoroughly enjoyed each and every services offered to us.

The best part of these elite homestays in Chikmagalur is the natural surroundings. Coffee estates, water streams, water falls, mountains, plantations, scenic atmosphere… all that is offered on a platter to feast for the visitors. A photography enthusiast will never miss to take thousands of pictures before departing the place. We strongly recommend you to visit for more malnad destinations and best homestays. Book with them and you will see the ease of doing reservations online with real time response.

Best Regards,

Mahendra & Team,

Bangalore, Karnataka.