Living in the hustle bustle city and crowded lifestyle I planned to step out and have fun with my family in a exotic destination. I did not have a clue where to travel and which destination would choose my requirements. Then I came across the travel services offered by Travel Malnad which is venture of Travel Chords one of the leading holiday services who offer nature properties at best rates. These guys are simply superb in helping my itinerary to book rooms and vehicles without any hassles.

There are many places you can think of estates and plantations in Karnataka. One of the place we chose to travel this time is Coorg and it was worth taking a break from our city life and indulge in the fruits of nature. We came back all the more surcharged and rejuvenated after our trip from Coorg. The homestays in Coorg we stayed offered a top class facility. Again we thank Travel Malnad for their expertise in helping is out. It is always good to use these services than shoot an arrow in the dark and end up at wrong places.

The other impressive things about going to nature like Coorg in Karnataka is during our stay my children were introduced to a lot of species and insects which they never realize as existed while at the city. This gave me an immense satisfaction of choosing to holiday in Coorg and then to stay at Coorg homestays to for 5 nights to experience the typical lifestyle and food. As I already acknowledged our holiday was all taken care by Travel Malnad and all the reservation were made online for us.