When you are working round the clock and dream a long drive to a nice destination then weekends are like a breather. If you are residing in Bangalore and want to take a break and do a quick visit to an awesome destination, then it’s Malnad in Karnataka. This is one of the best driving destinations closer to Bangalore with the best and comfortable accommodation. You can plan a short break or an extended weekend to one of the drive destinations in Malnad.

You could be a biker or a car owner who loves to take out your machine and cover stretches filled with greenery, waterfalls, hills, and valleys. There are different packages and accommodation options for you on our TravelMalnad portal designed exclusively for your requirement to give an enchanting experience of driving through the green woods and plantation trails. The roads are mostly national highways in Malnad and well-connected and maintained to the last mile of all the destinations we are providing a holiday for you.

There are itineraries and vacation planners for those who are interested in driving or biking destinations. We are not ignoring here those travelers who love to get their cycles on their trip and do a memorable cycling expedition in Malnad. There are a lot of themes for you to explore your inner self by doing a cool holiday trip to Malnad which can entrench in your memory lane as one of your best escapes in South India.

We recommend you give us your time frame to plan a holiday for you with the fullest inclusions required for an engaging experience. The campfires at the end of your day or a piping hot coffee in the middle of a coffee estate with a valley view can all be an exceptional holiday moment. Our travel experts give their best itineraries based on your tastes and preferences of holidaying at homestays in Karnataka. Plan a trip now by just giving a missed call to 9480595888 or WhatsApp on the same number.