Travel is not just a time pass activity to a lot of people, it’s like a deep learning exercise. Traveler of today is much more sophisticated and learned about the nuances of spending a vacation meaningfully. If you have noticed, the travel experience will be always cherished and remembered while conversing with our friends & colleagues even though the trip was done a month ago. We will have in detail the memory of the things we did, the people we met, and the food we ate during the journey. This gives an authority to say that travel is the most important part of our lives which we love to live during our leisure time. This is not the case for only city people, a lot of people living in the countryside also travel and explore places far and near them.

The journey we took this year, as a team of software engineers from a budding startup, is to the Malnad region. We all keep saying this, think exploring malnad then visit We have been using their services since 2008 while we were working with our former employer. The reason you must all visit Malnad once in your lifetime because the magnanimity of nature’s blessings is felt only if we travel and stay here. Malnad homestays are a cut above the rest of the hospitality services in the entire Karnataka.

They are a niche segment with a focused intent of giving the utmost holiday experience for the guests. A very important reason we considered to choose Travel Malnad® for our Malnad homestays booking is their list of stays with only the best host. Whenever we wrote feedback the entire team was on the same line with their experiences. This is what we loved about choosing the stays only @ Travel Malnad® many times when we have traveled to Karnataka.

This year, before the lockdown began in March we had already done a memorable trip in the month of February. We had traveled to Thirthahalli and then also covered Chikmagalur from there. We were so happy to have taken the route from Thirthahalli to Chikmagalur for reaching Mudigere Homestay by Travel Malnad®. The journey began early in the morning with a sumptuous breakfast at our Thirthahalli homestay. We made a pit stop at a Bhadra Cafe near Balehonnur for an awesome bread omelet & local coffee from the estates. The road from Thirthahalli to Chikmagalur is in very good condition. We salute to the Karnataka Government for doing almost all roads nice for motoring.

We reached Chikmagalur homestay by noon just in time for lunch. The evening was spent on local sightseeing and a nice campfire in the middle of the coffee estate. The next day, we covered estate tours, adventure activities, cycling, and also visited Mulianagiri before heading back to Bangalore. The stretch between Thirthahalli and Chikmagalur is completely green with estates and forests. Imagine you are driving putting your car windows down and the breeze gushes through your hairs. We would have not asked for anything more but the blessing of the Mother in Nature that came to us in disguise. All of us in the team were saying one thing loudly ‘we are blessed’ and this time we are blessed by nature.



Chennai, Tamilnadu.