The choice of a traveler in deciding about the homestay has evolved multiplefold over the years. Sometimes when you sit down for a vacation planner you might get confused as there are umpteen stay options for you to go through. How do you zero in on one property as the best one suitable for your requirements?

The facilities and adventure activities offered at homestays are far better than resorts these days. So technically speaking, some of the resorts lack the environment that a homestay offers under the luxury category. The more you dwell on this subject you will understand that while you sit for a booking you will be surprised by the options available.

To simplify the process of Malnad homestays vacation planner we have brought this platform exclusive for those looking for the best experience. The transparency we keep in providing you with the information has made us Karnataka’s number one homestays portal. We are a leading hospitality services provider with only the top estate properties offering you the best of the best accommodation in Malnad.

There are several criteria when you are looking for the best homestay accommodation and we have tried to shortlist only a few here.

  1. Location: You must be well informed about the fact that you need to be very sure of the location of the stay. The names of the homestay and its Google location before booking it (the USP of TravelMalnad Stays is all locations are shown right on the first screen). Do not fall trap of companies/agents/portals where they give “FAKE NAMES” of a homestay and book rooms for you. They can change the narrative anytime if something goes wrong. We have maintained 100% transparency in booking malnad homestays for more than 14 years now.
  2. Facilities: Read the facilities and services offered by the homestay inclusive of your package cost. Also, be aware of what are the things not included and what is extra cost to avail those services. You will not have any surprises and you will have full control over what you are paying for your package and what you are getting. We help you customize your package to your tastes and preferences.
  3. Ground level information: We call this GLI of the homestay. We do checks every quarter to make sure that the homestay is kept in the same condition as before. You must be aware that the homestay you are opting for is well-maintained and has zero tolerance for hygiene maintenance (USP of TravelMalnad Stays). If you are a senior citizen a person with knee and joint pains or someone having height-related phobias or nausea then you must be careful while choosing hilltop stays.
  4. Cuisines at the homestay: We all are fond of food and especially when we travel we love to relish the local cuisines. At Travel Malnad Stays all homestays offer Malnad Cuisine with the highest care for taste and hygiene. The buffet meals served at our homestays are both veg and nonveg at most places. We also have exclusively pure veg homestays at a few locations now.
  5. Trekking: The common thought about trekking is that all homestays are located near trekking spots. You must be aware of the fact that not all of them will be closer. Only a very few are near trekking spots and you may have to travel in your vehicle, park at a place, complete trekking, and come back. Some of the estate homestays are nestled in such landscapes where if you do estate tour itself will be like a short trekking. If you are looking for forest trekking then you need the required permissions (we can guide you) and then only you can venture into forest areas.
  6. Nearby attractions: Malnad is such a location where you find homestays amidst estate and forest areas. There will be short trekking spots, small rivulets, waterfalls, and streams nearby. You can cover the nearby spots within 10 Kms and you may have to travel a little farther around 20 to 30 Kms to cover all sightseeing places from your homestay in Malnad.
  7. Host: The important element of your overall homestay experience is the host. You need a friendly host and a caretaker who is ready to assist with a happy mood. Homestays are known for their great hospitality and at Travel Malnad we are very specific about the quality of hospitality and the behaviour of the host. We have a history of delisting a couple of homestays for the bad behavior of the hosts during their stay.
  8. Type of Rooms: You should be aware that homestays have different types of rooms. If you are planning with your friends or family you must be clear of what is the occupancy rate in the room. This can sometimes decide on the tariff customization of the package. You can save money if you are ok to go on multiple sharing rooms for your accommodation. We can assist you in customizing your package as per room sharing you decide for your stay.
  9. Swimming Pool: Some of the luxury homestays in Malnad offer Swimming Pool facilities. Few stays offer a swimming pool at an additional cost. The cost of the package might be less if you are not going to use the swimming pool. In that case, it is better to select a homestay without a pool and with the same amenities.
  10.  Booking and Free Cancellation: You can book a room at a homestay with an online booking process on our portal. You can use any more payment to complete the reservation. Only a partial amount is collected for your reservation of room. There is free cancellation in case of an emergency inevitable cancellation situation. You can also opt for a credit note for a few stays in case you want to avail of the same service in the future stipulated time.